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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Tooth Revolution

Okay, I can hardly believe it myself - but I still tell everyone who will listen. One year ago, in the fall of 2007 I visited the dentist and received bad news. I had a hole in my tooth, and it was going to be very hard to get to. It was at the back tooth, on the side of the tooth (I guess from storing food in my cheeks). I don't know what the dentist was thinking, maybe that the painless dentistry would make it painless, but she informed me that it would take a lot of numbing (more pokes with the needle). So, I put it off a few months, giving the tooth a lot of TLC. When the visit came up, I put it off again. See, I am terrified of needles - don't mind poking clients, just don't like to be poked myself. I ended up putting it off for several months. When I finally felt brave enough I sucked it up and went in to see her. Well, this is when the magic happened. The dentist put on her gloves and mask and gave me my spit apron. She shined the light deep into my mouth and after scraping for a moment and referring to my chart from the fall she asked me if I was using Xylitol. Yes! I was using it since our last visit, in my toothpaste, mouth rinse, gum, mint and food. It is a natural, food based sweetener that is also used for re-building tooth enamel. It is suppose to kill bacteria that does a lot of damage to our teeth. You are about to become a bigger fan of Xylitol! THE DENTIST COULD NO LONGER FIND THE CAVITY - IT WAS GONE!!! I was in the dentists chair for no longer than 20 minutes before I was on the phone to everyone I knew! My girlfriend who has had several teeth removed from her mouth was astounded. My husband, parents, clients.... and now you, the new fans of my blog. I hope you have the same sort of success that I did. I don't mean to put any dentists out of business. Maybe you can get your dentist on the bandwagon - making teeth healthier can be part of their practice too!