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Monday, February 22, 2010

Information You Can Trust

I read all day information on health and nutrition. Some of it makes me shake my head and wonder how many people are getting the wrong information. I am a second generation Naturopath, I have been in the field for 19 years now and I update my education yearly - couple times a year most years. I read and learn from trusted sources and enjoy "teaching" through my blogs, and facebook and twitter posts. I thrive on helping people learn how to be healthier through diet and lifestyle choices. I have recently stumbled upon a website that reports healthy tips that I like. It is thorough and good information. I am passing that onto you. The reports include expert opinions of Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jean Carper, Dr. William Douglass and Dr. Robert Rowen and much more. You can sign up for regular emails packed with new reports at I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Depression, Achey, Low Immune System?

I know I talk about Vitamin D a lot, but there is good reason. Do YOU get 20 minutes sunlight exposure daily without the UV protection of sunglasses or sunscreen, I know, but you thought you were suppose to protect yourself from sun exposure. It's confusing! Wintertime sun exposure is hard to come by when you are a busy, working individual. You can only get what you can walking back and forth to your car and office - or to lunch and back. I get it. I always have had the tendency to catch colds from the kids when taking care of them and sick clients daily in the colder seasons. I would bounce back fairly quickly, because I know what to do to get better, but this year - well, it's been a different story! Here's another one. It gets cloudy, cold, grey, snowy, icy...and my mood is dark. I can't help it. I even dress in grey and black when I wake to that type of weather! This year, again, a different story! As soon as it started getting darker earlier in the day I started 4,000 i.u. Vitamin D daily. The blues are now more of a thing of the past. I was sick once in July of 2009, but I was under a tremendous heavy layer of stress like I have rarely experienced. I am excited to say it works!! I shouldn't be surprised, I have been testing levels of Vitamin D for people for years, and it is rarely in normal range. I see the changes in mood, achiness and immune health when it is in a client's program. It is my new favorite thing to take! It is ultra affordable and does so much! D3, not D2 people. There is a big difference in the way it is put together, so be careful! Again, Vitamin D3 is in the news, take a listen to this:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tips For Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Stimulants are a big no-no. The most common are caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. It's best to avoid these in excess especially caffeine late in the day!
A routine with your sleeping schedule is helpful for a good nights rest. Wind down at a certain time nightly and stick to a regular bedtime schedule. In your brain there is a gland that puts out a hormone that helps with sleep/wake cycle (Melatonin). When you establish a regular sleeping pattern, Melatonin will adjust to help you to have a restful sleep at that time.
Exercise early in the day. The stress hormone, cortisol, will keep you awake at night if you exercise too late. You should exercise no later than 2 hours before your expected bedtime to have a restful sleep.
No computers, or t.v. in your room. If they are in there, unplug when you are not using them. They put off electronic energy that will disturb your sleep.
Sleep in a dark room! Melatonin has a nocturnal cycle that will be disturbed if a light in the room is on at night. If you go to the bathroom at night - just leave the light off. Turning it on will disrupt this nocturnal production and cause the diurnal cycle to start - waking you up enough that you will have a very hard time getting a restful sleep.
Serotonin levels matter! If your Melatonin cycle is out of balance you need to work on getting your Serotonin levels up. I test neurotransmitters here in my practice and I'll bet over 85% of people first tested have very low Serotonin levels. Your body makes Melatonin out of Serotonin. I am not talking SSRIs (prescribed anti-depressants). Those do not raise your levels - just recycle what you currently have. I am talking about B6, tryptophan, L-theanine, and Inositol to raise and balance Serotonin levels. This also helps with depression and anxiety, and of course, insomnia.
Sleep well!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When I am talking to someone (anyone) I can't help myself but to look for what their issues are. I can tell you if you have heart stress tendencies, if your liver is unhappy, if your lungs are stressed - just by looking at you. When a client is sitting in front of me I observe their skin tone, the way they smell, the lines on their face and ears, and spots on their skin. All of which tells me a little more about what's going on inside. One way to tell what is going on with your health is to look at your tongue. I had a woman once come in with a very crooked tongue. She stuck it out and it went off to one side! I knew this woman was headed for trouble, if she wasn't already there. You see, this indicates a possibility of a stroke. I asked if she had a history of stroke - "nope", no one in her family had ever suffered from a stroke. She basically called me crazy to suggest she might need to work on this. Well, about 6 months later she called with some news. Not only did she suffer from a stroke within 6 weeks of our visit, the Dr. told her she had already suffered from several small strokes in the past. Okay, so now I'm amazing in her eyes, what else did I see?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Okay, I have a lot to say about the information in this article - so take a read and come back!
First of all, it is disturbing to me that the herbal remedies are made to look like the cause of the contraindications! I've seen it for years! Yes, taking a dangerous blood thinner like Coumadin (otherwise known as rat poison - not kidding here), is very depleting! You shouldn't use anything with that that also has blood thinning properties - no matter what it is (Grapefruit, orange juice, aspirin, vitamin E etc....) You could bleed to death. In fact, any medication you take with grapefruit juice you will always absorb more. It doesn't mean grapefruit juice is bad for you, it is not a good mix with medications. A lot of blood pressure medications re-distribute potassium in the body, so, therefore, keep potassium supplementation away from these meds. Again, potassium is very good for blood pressure and so much more, but the medications that re-distribute potassium when done with a potassium supplement can cause chronic kidney issues. A good health practitioner, such as myself always look up medications for contraindications and depletion's. It isn't the herbs, that are causing problems, they are just concentrated food sources. It is the medications and the effect they have upon the body's physiology that you have to be careful with

Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Blues

It is a chemical thing! You are getting less sunlight, working under bad lighting and for the most part, less active. I have talked about neurotransmitters and their involvement in mood in the past. You can look at previous blogs and my article in the Art of Well being :
The other considerations are Vitamin D3. It is called the Sunshine vitamin. You get it from skin, retina and pineal exposure to sunlight. It is very difficult with a busy lifestyle to get this during the late fall and winter. I test D3 levels and it is rarely in the acceptable range. You need to get 4,000-10,000 i.u. daily during these darker seasons. D3 is much different than D2! - You need D3! It will also keep your immune system happier during the flu season. I find this to be a helpful part of keeping mood up during the winter as well!
There are also full-spectrum lighting that you can put in your office and home to trick the brain into thinking you are getting sunlight. My mother used these at our old office and I could definitely feel a difference when I flipped up the desk lamp. You can even find it in a dawn simulator option, helping keep balance with the diurnal/nocturnal melatonin cycle. (wake/sleep cycle).
Of course, I can't complete this post without mentioning the benefits of exercise! You don't always want to but don't you feel invigorated after a good exercise?! I do!! Ever hear of endorphines? They are the chemicals that give you that "natural high" when you exercise. Exercise also releases adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. These chemicals work together to make you feel good. Exercise also helps to lower the stress hormone, cortisol and helps with prevention of heart disease, and a myriad of other diseases.
Need guidence to bring balance for this? That's what I am here for! All you have to do is ask for help!