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Friday, February 19, 2010

Depression, Achey, Low Immune System?

I know I talk about Vitamin D a lot, but there is good reason. Do YOU get 20 minutes sunlight exposure daily without the UV protection of sunglasses or sunscreen, I know, but you thought you were suppose to protect yourself from sun exposure. It's confusing! Wintertime sun exposure is hard to come by when you are a busy, working individual. You can only get what you can walking back and forth to your car and office - or to lunch and back. I get it. I always have had the tendency to catch colds from the kids when taking care of them and sick clients daily in the colder seasons. I would bounce back fairly quickly, because I know what to do to get better, but this year - well, it's been a different story! Here's another one. It gets cloudy, cold, grey, snowy, icy...and my mood is dark. I can't help it. I even dress in grey and black when I wake to that type of weather! This year, again, a different story! As soon as it started getting darker earlier in the day I started 4,000 i.u. Vitamin D daily. The blues are now more of a thing of the past. I was sick once in July of 2009, but I was under a tremendous heavy layer of stress like I have rarely experienced. I am excited to say it works!! I shouldn't be surprised, I have been testing levels of Vitamin D for people for years, and it is rarely in normal range. I see the changes in mood, achiness and immune health when it is in a client's program. It is my new favorite thing to take! It is ultra affordable and does so much! D3, not D2 people. There is a big difference in the way it is put together, so be careful! Again, Vitamin D3 is in the news, take a listen to this: