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Monday, February 8, 2010

Okay, I have a lot to say about the information in this article - so take a read and come back!
First of all, it is disturbing to me that the herbal remedies are made to look like the cause of the contraindications! I've seen it for years! Yes, taking a dangerous blood thinner like Coumadin (otherwise known as rat poison - not kidding here), is very depleting! You shouldn't use anything with that that also has blood thinning properties - no matter what it is (Grapefruit, orange juice, aspirin, vitamin E etc....) You could bleed to death. In fact, any medication you take with grapefruit juice you will always absorb more. It doesn't mean grapefruit juice is bad for you, it is not a good mix with medications. A lot of blood pressure medications re-distribute potassium in the body, so, therefore, keep potassium supplementation away from these meds. Again, potassium is very good for blood pressure and so much more, but the medications that re-distribute potassium when done with a potassium supplement can cause chronic kidney issues. A good health practitioner, such as myself always look up medications for contraindications and depletion's. It isn't the herbs, that are causing problems, they are just concentrated food sources. It is the medications and the effect they have upon the body's physiology that you have to be careful with