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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When I am talking to someone (anyone) I can't help myself but to look for what their issues are. I can tell you if you have heart stress tendencies, if your liver is unhappy, if your lungs are stressed - just by looking at you. When a client is sitting in front of me I observe their skin tone, the way they smell, the lines on their face and ears, and spots on their skin. All of which tells me a little more about what's going on inside. One way to tell what is going on with your health is to look at your tongue. I had a woman once come in with a very crooked tongue. She stuck it out and it went off to one side! I knew this woman was headed for trouble, if she wasn't already there. You see, this indicates a possibility of a stroke. I asked if she had a history of stroke - "nope", no one in her family had ever suffered from a stroke. She basically called me crazy to suggest she might need to work on this. Well, about 6 months later she called with some news. Not only did she suffer from a stroke within 6 weeks of our visit, the Dr. told her she had already suffered from several small strokes in the past. Okay, so now I'm amazing in her eyes, what else did I see?