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Monday, March 22, 2010

Metabolism Helpers

Metabolism is a subject I get a lot of questions about. First of all, move! If you are stagnant, your metabolism with stagnate as well. Some people say - I want to exercise but I don't have enough energy to. I get that - I do! I've had 4 children and a business I had to jump back into work less than a week and a half after the birth of 3 out of them. Talk about double shift! Start slow! When you wake get up and move! I know people that move from the bed to the kitchen to a sitting position in the living room for the day - getting up to find the phone and eat. Needless to say they have developed a saggy bottom, heart disease, and have no energy! The part of the body that has the most to do with metabolism is the thyroid gland. Okay - probably ought to say - has a lot to do with energy too! Let's feed that first to give you some get up and go! Iodine (unless you have Grave's) is the food for the thyroid. Yes, iodine liquid is good, but so is seaweed like Dulse or Kelp. Dietary iodine sources are things like seafood, eggs, mushrooms, garlic, onions, eggplant and kale. I am an O blood type, and yes, like so many other O blood types, I have had issues with my thyroid. The last 3 babies I had in 4 years, a GREAT way to beat up the thyroid gland! I get a good amount of iodine in my diet and take Dulse daily and liquid iodine with exercise. I feel more energetic and can take care of everyone after expending energy at the gym. Let's talk exercise. Fact: the more muscle mass you have the faster your metabolism is! You don't need to get buff, just get toned! Start with a cardio work out (more than just 20 minutes - that first 20 minutes you are burning sugar - after that you are burning fat). Then whether you prefer resistance or Pilate's or just lifting some weights - just tone! 3-5 days a week minimum! You can make time if it is important enough! There are on-demand channels for you people that have children and for those that work 10 hours a day! I do those on my busiest weeks! There are even 10 minute workouts if that's all you can do. There are supplements for speeding metabolism too - but be careful not to get one pumped full of caffeine or guarana which has the chemical constituents as cocaine. Both will not be a healthy thing for the thyroid long term, you now know, you need your thyroid happy! There are other things involved in weight reduction - but this is a great place to start! After you read this go to the January blog to learn more about cleansing gently to mobilize fat cells!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Immune health

This is such an important subject! So many people are concerned about immune health. More and more I am seeing autoimmune disorders as well!! Now, vaccinations have increased so much since I was a child. These day by two years of age, U.S. children receive as many as 24 vaccine injections, and might receive up to five shots during one visit to the doctor. Studies are coming out about a vaccination link to autoimmune disorders. My family has had personal experience with this specific issue. Studies are linking Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune demyelinating disease to the flu shot and recently following immunization with the recombinant hepatitis B and tetanus vaccines. My uncle had the experience with the flu vaccine and suffering immediately with Guillain-Barre syndrome. He was hospitalized for 6 months due to a staph infection he also caught while in the hospital. He now can walk with a cane which is the good news. I also had a client in his 80s that suffered Guillain-Barre after the flu shot, (different part of the country and different decade). He was told from his Doctor that this sometimes happens! Like that makes everything okay! Anyhow, back to the immune system. You have to look at your immune system as something you earn. In most cases, you are exposed to a pathogen, your body makes antigens and you are equipped to fight it off next time you are exposed. However, let's talk about your internal environment. Let's compare for a moment, your body to a trash can. There are clean, shiny trashcans, (mostly at the store, waiting to be sold) and there are dirty, smelly trashcans that are screaming for a cleaning. Let's start with the shiny trashcan - or a clean internal environment of a healthy body. You fill up the trashcan and it is dumped and a little dirty. You fill it again, it isn't dumped as fast and when it is emptied it is a little smelly, and attracting flies and rot. You keep filling and dumping and slowly a buildup occurs. The floor and walls of that trashcan is now covered in a thick, toxic sludge. When you realize it's toxic nature you hose it out and start the process again - right? Okay - a clean eat, break everything down in your pipes, and move it though and out of end of the pipe system. Let's say that elimination slows down. Your pipes become full of toxic sludge. At this point you are absorbing through the villi in the intestines what is on the walls of the intestines. Yuck, now your whole body is toxic and the villi lay down and break off and whole, rotten, undigested food enters the blood stream and you become inflamed systemically. Whether you understood that or not, you get it, it's not good! Okay - now, what does this have to do with the immune system? Well, everything! At first exposure to a pathogen (undigested foods, or chemical, or herbicides or pesticides ...) your lymphatic system responds by grabbing it up. Your lymphatic system is a team of garbage collectors. If the lymph doesn't grab it all up properly your white blood cells chases it and it drains into your circulation, and you're rid of it. If your lymphatic system is backed up due to poor elimination, water intake and/or exercise then there are cells in the liver (Kupffer cells) that try to then remove the pathogen from the blood. They are primarily in charge of cleansing the blood of foreign materials and toxic substances. Sometimes due to the toxicity of the body if the first two lines of defense are not able to finish this cleaning process these particles excite the immune system and we get circulating immune complexes (CIC). Once CIC are recognized by the immune system as unwelcome, antibodies form to destroy invaders. Then they are cleaned up in the blood by white blood cells before they cause inflammation.
if that went over your head I apologize. Here's something quite simple, limit toxins coming in, make sure your pipes are clean by cleansing "every 3,000 miles or 3 months" like you would your car and home air filters. Eat more whole food than dead, processed food. And hydrate hydrate, hydrate. 1/2 your body weight in oz. daily. (No, coffee and sweet tea do not count, herbal tea does though). Eating well and digesting it is good. Try enzymes not only with food but in between meals to digest toxins in the blood. If you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder then use immune modulors (like Astragalus and colostrum). If you just need to stimulate a weakened immune system, then besides the changes discussed above you can stimulate with vitamins, minerals and immune stimulating herbs like garlic, echinacea, antioxidants and rose hips... I have others, but enough is enough. Call with questions on what would be best for you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birth Control Deaths

For so very many years I have discussed with women the ill-effects of taking hormones in on a regular basis. Doctors used to tell people there were no cardiovascular risks and that ERT (estrogen replacement therapies) actually improved bone density. I am here to tell you this information is not correct, and never ever was. You see not only does the estrogen in birth control and in ERT's make you twice as likely to break a hip but it will make it more likely that you will die from a heart attack and suffer from strokes and blood clots! You want proof? Read about the cycling of osteoclast and osteoblast cells responsible for building of the bones. You will see the waxing and waning of hormones a woman cycles through causes the bones to discard of old material and re-build with fresh, new material. Yes, you will read about the parathyroid and thyroids involvement, and you will see that E2 (estradiol) stops the discarding cells in the bones from getting rid of useless material. You then, as many will visualize what happens. Like stalagmites in a cave, this old, dead material builds up with no cells coming in to support the bone's density with fresh, new, live, strengthening material. The bone may appear to be more dense, however, it is fragile! This is also the mechanism of action of many osteoporosis medications - such as Boneva (I like Sally Fields too, but she would be ashamed if she really knew the facts - not her job though is it)?
There is a lot in the news right now about birth controls, Yaz (Yasmin) and Seasonique. The documented damage is in the news again. I looked it up on to get the real story. Take a look at what I found.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put Out The Fire of Heartburn!

Heartburn, so common. I will tell you just like I tell all my clients, heartburn is not always related to too much acid in the stomach, it is in most cases not enough! Yep, you read right, it is a lack of the gastric secretions that cause the terrible symptoms of belching, bloating, burning in the chest and up the esophagus, sour and heavy stomachs.
From the age 40, (sometimes sooner), your supply of gastric secretions wanes. It is almost half of what it should be when you reach age 50! Without these gastric secretions, you do not break down your food therefore, you do not absorb the nutrition from good food either. You see, the secretions in the stomach are suppose to break protein down into smaller molecules so you can fully break it the rest of the way down in the duodenum (the 1st part of the small intestines). If you have a gallbladder it will squirt bile into the duodenum. Pancreatic enzymes from the head of the pancreas will also be secreted into the duodenum. From there everything should empty into the rest of the small intestines completely liquid! Let me give you a visual. Let's say the food does not break down the way it should and it passes into the latter part of the small intestines whole. It is dark, warm and moist in there. By the time the food reaches that part of the intestines (where absorption should take place) it has been in your gut for 6-8 hours. At this point, whatever didn't break down is rotting and fermenting causing gas and bloating. This IS the case for those taking a proton pump inhibitors such as protonix, nexium, prilosec etc... The action proton pump inhibitors have in the body is they stop all acid production. Protein is not going to break down, blood will thicken, weight gain is emanate, dry hard stools are painfully eliminated, absorption is useless, because you will absorb undigested, rotting material. YUCK! Instead, take a wide spectrum enzyme combination at every meal, 2 at meals with hard to digest animal protein (like a steak, or chicken breast). I give a HCL/enzyme to those that consume animal protein at meals. The HCL is best for those over age 40 that have no way to digest successfully otherwise. These enzymes will really be helpful for constipated individuals as well. Something so easy helps with assimilation and elimination! If you want to do an experiment to see how these natural products work get two bowls of oatmeal together, make the same size with the same amount of fluid. You can put some saliva in one bowl too just to start the experiment off in a more accurate way. In the bowl with the saliva put in the powder from one capsule in. stir it up and wait. You will notice the oatmeal with the saliva and enzymes liquefies. (Digests). The other bowl will show you an undigested version. It will be thick and sticky. One more hint: no liquids at meals! If you do have adequate gastric secretions, or take an enzyme combination you will dilute them and, again, you will not digest. Your stomach digests from the outside-in, so put the enzymes in prior to eating each meal. Here is some extra help from the heartburn alliance.