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Monday, March 22, 2010

Metabolism Helpers

Metabolism is a subject I get a lot of questions about. First of all, move! If you are stagnant, your metabolism with stagnate as well. Some people say - I want to exercise but I don't have enough energy to. I get that - I do! I've had 4 children and a business I had to jump back into work less than a week and a half after the birth of 3 out of them. Talk about double shift! Start slow! When you wake get up and move! I know people that move from the bed to the kitchen to a sitting position in the living room for the day - getting up to find the phone and eat. Needless to say they have developed a saggy bottom, heart disease, and have no energy! The part of the body that has the most to do with metabolism is the thyroid gland. Okay - probably ought to say - has a lot to do with energy too! Let's feed that first to give you some get up and go! Iodine (unless you have Grave's) is the food for the thyroid. Yes, iodine liquid is good, but so is seaweed like Dulse or Kelp. Dietary iodine sources are things like seafood, eggs, mushrooms, garlic, onions, eggplant and kale. I am an O blood type, and yes, like so many other O blood types, I have had issues with my thyroid. The last 3 babies I had in 4 years, a GREAT way to beat up the thyroid gland! I get a good amount of iodine in my diet and take Dulse daily and liquid iodine with exercise. I feel more energetic and can take care of everyone after expending energy at the gym. Let's talk exercise. Fact: the more muscle mass you have the faster your metabolism is! You don't need to get buff, just get toned! Start with a cardio work out (more than just 20 minutes - that first 20 minutes you are burning sugar - after that you are burning fat). Then whether you prefer resistance or Pilate's or just lifting some weights - just tone! 3-5 days a week minimum! You can make time if it is important enough! There are on-demand channels for you people that have children and for those that work 10 hours a day! I do those on my busiest weeks! There are even 10 minute workouts if that's all you can do. There are supplements for speeding metabolism too - but be careful not to get one pumped full of caffeine or guarana which has the chemical constituents as cocaine. Both will not be a healthy thing for the thyroid long term, you now know, you need your thyroid happy! There are other things involved in weight reduction - but this is a great place to start! After you read this go to the January blog to learn more about cleansing gently to mobilize fat cells!