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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put Out The Fire of Heartburn!

Heartburn, so common. I will tell you just like I tell all my clients, heartburn is not always related to too much acid in the stomach, it is in most cases not enough! Yep, you read right, it is a lack of the gastric secretions that cause the terrible symptoms of belching, bloating, burning in the chest and up the esophagus, sour and heavy stomachs.
From the age 40, (sometimes sooner), your supply of gastric secretions wanes. It is almost half of what it should be when you reach age 50! Without these gastric secretions, you do not break down your food therefore, you do not absorb the nutrition from good food either. You see, the secretions in the stomach are suppose to break protein down into smaller molecules so you can fully break it the rest of the way down in the duodenum (the 1st part of the small intestines). If you have a gallbladder it will squirt bile into the duodenum. Pancreatic enzymes from the head of the pancreas will also be secreted into the duodenum. From there everything should empty into the rest of the small intestines completely liquid! Let me give you a visual. Let's say the food does not break down the way it should and it passes into the latter part of the small intestines whole. It is dark, warm and moist in there. By the time the food reaches that part of the intestines (where absorption should take place) it has been in your gut for 6-8 hours. At this point, whatever didn't break down is rotting and fermenting causing gas and bloating. This IS the case for those taking a proton pump inhibitors such as protonix, nexium, prilosec etc... The action proton pump inhibitors have in the body is they stop all acid production. Protein is not going to break down, blood will thicken, weight gain is emanate, dry hard stools are painfully eliminated, absorption is useless, because you will absorb undigested, rotting material. YUCK! Instead, take a wide spectrum enzyme combination at every meal, 2 at meals with hard to digest animal protein (like a steak, or chicken breast). I give a HCL/enzyme to those that consume animal protein at meals. The HCL is best for those over age 40 that have no way to digest successfully otherwise. These enzymes will really be helpful for constipated individuals as well. Something so easy helps with assimilation and elimination! If you want to do an experiment to see how these natural products work get two bowls of oatmeal together, make the same size with the same amount of fluid. You can put some saliva in one bowl too just to start the experiment off in a more accurate way. In the bowl with the saliva put in the powder from one capsule in. stir it up and wait. You will notice the oatmeal with the saliva and enzymes liquefies. (Digests). The other bowl will show you an undigested version. It will be thick and sticky. One more hint: no liquids at meals! If you do have adequate gastric secretions, or take an enzyme combination you will dilute them and, again, you will not digest. Your stomach digests from the outside-in, so put the enzymes in prior to eating each meal. Here is some extra help from the heartburn alliance.