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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adrenal Fatigue

Ever feel like this in the afternoon? Ever wake up feeling this way? You spend a lot of energy during the day. You fit a lot in during your awake hours. Take my day. I awoke at 6 to get 3 lunches prepared and 3 breakfasts fed to my children. I got my email and gave some love to my 5 year old before I hopped in the shower and got ready. I helped my 5 year old prepare to be the star of the day at school with snacks for 16 children and a share toy to show her friends. I ate breakfast and ran off to drop my daughter at school. I headed off to work and saw clients, returned calls, returned emails and posted some healthy tips on my Facebook. I ran to the gym, ran a mile and lifted weights for 1 hour then got my daughter from school. Went to the bank, came home and fed myself and re-started the laundry. Folded 3 loads and started 2 more. I am preparing my 2 boys to do their homework and going through their work for the day while writing a blog. I will get up and make dinner and do the dishes when I finish with this and get in the shower to get ready for tomorrow since I have to leave at 7:30 to drive to VA to see a home bound client....Wow - crazy how much needs to be done daily. I know there are a lot of people out there that are juggling a similar load. I can tell you what I do to support my body's ability to handle stress. I take my minerals and adrenal formulas to keep my body moving without falling on my face. I exercised and followed that "stressor" up with stretching and breathing. And tonight before I go to bed I will use a cream for adrenal support so that my adrenals are fed while I rest. I wouldn't normally be able to sleep after a day like today. It is a common complaint I hear from people with adrenal stress.
Your adrenals are the size of a hazelnut that rest on the kidneys like baseball caps. They make over 50 hormones, help you to carry out any excess fluid, help with mood, help keep your blood sugar balanced, and put out corticoids to help you deal with stress - good and bad. Stimulants such as stress, caffeine, lack of rest, failing health and other stressors will keep the adrenals constantly putting out stress hormones. Just like any other living organism it will wear down from all that they have to deal with - this is where the term adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion comes from. You take and take and take from them - they will end up unable to give back to you when they need to. How do you give back to the adrenals you ask? Well, if you are going to take from them all day and in some cases at night too, then you should know how you can give back. Stop beating them up everyday is the obvious response, but it's not always possible to rest properly and not live a stressful lifestyle. B vitamins are a great start! Even better Algae is full of B vitamins and also contain other balanced nutrients that feed and balance adrenals. Also, you have more vitamin c receptors at the adrenals than any other cell in the body! 1,000-2,000 mg a day is a great way to give back. I am doing a liquid mineral combination with adaptogens in it that give back to the adrenals, and oh does it energize!! I amaze myself with the stamina I have to complete all my daily tasks! Diet helps too. You need to get complete proteins (eggs, meat, dairy, beans, edamame)... You also need complex carbohydrates, (beans, whole grains, brown rice)... each at every meal! Moderate caffeine intake and limit sugar intake (including high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, chlorinated sugar (Splenda and sucrolose) and excess fruit sugar. do Xylitol, stevia and honey instead. Eating lower glycemic index food daily will also make the adrenals very very happy! If you don't like feeling completely exhausted and not able to cope or sleep, or feeling anxious and depressed just give back to your adrenals, so they can continue to give to you! See my website home page to read about balancing glycemic index in your diet at

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hydration, Guaranteed Helpful!

It's getting warmer outside - just driving around today my nine year old had sweat dripping off his brow! He knows to drink water, and how much is needed, thanks to me and his curious brain! I have always tried to put the word out that every person needs 1/2 their body weight in oz. of water a day. So, if you are 130 lbs you need 1/2 that (65) oz. a day of pure, fresh, clean water. No need to get so fancy. No need to drink alkalizing, mineralized or flavored waters! Being over alkaline is just as much a problem as being over acidic. The water I prefer is reverse osmosis. I have had a shoebox size reverse osmosis unit for over 20 years. Easy and cheap to maintain. It cleans 96% off all the garbage out of my city water and adds oxygen. How do I know? I have had it checked!
Okay, let's talk about the whys now. Your body is made of about 74.5% water. Your blood is made up of over 80% water and you need to keep it clean to make healthy blood cells. If you drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. daily you will replace that water in 5-7 days! If you don't your blood will be full of garbage and sluggish, and, therefore, your filters, such as liver and kidneys will be congested and not as effective. Your lymphatic (your garbage men) will be stagnant full of garbage as well! Your bones are made of 50% water, and you need to be hydrated to make more bone cells! Did you know that you make red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in stem cells in the bones? It's a simple step to drink water daily to keep two very important parts of your body a little healthier! Water also regulates your body temperature! Why do you think my nine year old was sweating? His body was trying to keep him cooler. Need to mobilize some fat cells? A great way to mobilize them is to hydrate! Fat cells store toxins! Hydrate, you move toxins out of the body, therefore they don't need to be stored in fat cells. Your body will make more fat cells if needed for storage! I know of plenty of people that feel that as long as they are drinking fluid that they are hydrated! Think about what you drink daily. Would you wash your car with those fluids? Soda? Tea? Coffee? NO - no one would. You wouldn't try to put those fluids in your car either - good way to kill your car. So WHY would you think they are acceptable used inside your body?! All of those are dehydrating, the opposite of what you need to do!! For those that have water retention, I have to tell you, if your body is retaining water, the best way to flush that old out is to hydrate! It will help with the cause of most water retention! It is easy, and so very available to most! Take this one small, easy step and your body will be healthier and happier through this hotter weather!