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Monday, May 24, 2010

Going Raw

I have always been a vegetarian - well, since 1978. I have tried meat here and there - don't like it. I will eat fish and I can stomach turkey but I minimize the turkey! I have recently started eating raw just 5 days a week. It is so much easier than you could ever imagine. Let me back up for a moment. I recently had a client that had M.S. - (groan) - my experience with 90%(+) of M.S. clients is that they will not do what they need too! I have almost given up on that diagnosis altogether. He had been diagnosed several years ago and not a single symptom! He is 100% raw and has been for those years after diagnosis! I looked amazing! He felt amazing! If only everyone would do this - even 75% of the time they would be just as amazing!!
When I have suggested it in the past to clients I would say it holding my breath because I knew what they were thinking - "are you crazy" there's no way - I'm too busy, I cannot take the time, it's too expensive, my family would never do that"... I hear all kinds of excuses for any dietary changes or exercise recommendations! It is easy! If I can take care of my own business, 3 young kids, a household and a husband and eat raw anyone, anyone, anyone can do it!
If you take just a moment to wash a few fruits in the morning, just keep your blender always on the counter (I rinse after using and use a couple times a day or a couple days in a row before really having to wash thoroughly). To get your protein just add a spoonful of raw nut butter (it's just about the same cost as the other at Super Walmart if you have to shop for a family like I do - maybe 7-10 cents more). If you need essential fatty acids grab that box of ground flax meal out of the refrigerator and throw in a handful. With the nut butter you will stay fuller longer. I keep a bag of dates or nuts in my purse and if I need a little something I grab a handful and munch on it while returning emails and posting my daily healthy thoughts on my Facebook business page. I even do it between clients when they are filling out paperwork. If you don't have a few minutes to make a smoothie in the morning or you would rather sleep 15 more minutes and you don't make the time - run into Starbucks on the way to work. They have raw nuts, fruit leather, raw breakfast bars with no gluten, wheat or dairy. You have your choice of organic fruit juices or bottled water. I did that this morning so I could get to the office at 6:50 a.m. and catch up. After picking up my daughter we made a stop at a farmer's market on the way home and picked up grapfruits, blueberries, squash, strawberries and eggplant with fresh basil. It took a total of 20 minutes, in and out. When I got home I heated up the wok and threw in olive oil, garlic and some veggies, frozen and fresh. Done in another 15 minutes. It can be quick and easy. If you have some extra time to get fancy then do it - make an awesome salad, or a fruit plate. I took some time the other night to make a raw pudding so my kids could be a part of my new venture. We opened a coconut and used the milk and meat with 1 banana, 1 cup walnuts, a tiny bit of ginger with 1/4 tsp of sea salt and 1/4 tsp of Mace and cinnamon (the recipe called for pumpkin spice - didn't have it), and 12 dates. Mix in the blender for a minute and you have a sweet, raw treat! I am skinnier and feeling awesome! A great smoothie to use as a snack is a banana, 1 mango and 1 avocado - yummy - green, but yummy! Look at Victoria Boutenko's blog, and facebook fan page for more recipes! That's it, just giving you the scoop on eating right - no excuses needed!